An energy revolution

Energy efficiency saves you money.

It’s neither rocket science nor tree-hugging idealism – although both play their part. It’s ultimately about how integrity and enlightened self-interest will help you cut costs by becoming more energy efficient. Our role is to help you achieve these savings.

We offer an innovative, very human partnership: between you as a business strengthened by reduced energy usage and CO2 output; and Elegen as your partner entrusted with realising this change.


Our service is based on two indisputable facts:

Everyone uses energy

Everyone wants to save money


We don’t accept that energy costs need always rise. In fact, we passionately believe that more efficient use of energy naturally leads to improved profits. At no upfront expense to you, Elegen can help you reduce these costs by transforming your energy consumption, providing all the resources needed to achieve energy objectives and targets.

Remember, our part of the bargain is paid for entirely by the energy you save. Once we’ve factored our service fee, the balance is shared between us 50/50.

We start by taking a broad view of your operations: your infrastructure, your consumption, how and where you use and manage energy. Then we design bespoke, energy-saving solutions, agree terms and manage all equipment installation and maintenance.

Funding is not centred around fixed assets; it can be used for any energy-saving initiative, from training to capital projects of any size. And as long as we can demonstrate adequate deliverable savings, there’s no upper or lower limit to a project’s value.

The result is measurable, sustainable energy reduction across your business. As you begin to see tangible improvements to your technology and working patterns, your demand decreases and you become more energy efficient.

While you’re cutting costs, with bottom-line savings guaranteed and your energy practises transformed, we’ll make sure you remain free to focus on the business you’re good at. And if you pay more than we can save you, we’ll refund you the difference. It’s as simple and straightforward as that.