Elegen appearing in the Bristol Post's sustainability feature

Shining lights in the fight to save the planet

Richard Hillam Elegen

Elegen’s founders have been recognised amongst some of the leading trail blazers in the fight to reduce energy consumption and move businesses towards a more sustainable energy model which both reduces CO2 emissions and increases profitability. The Bristol Post showcased Elegen, alongside Ecotricity and Dave Broadway the pioneering CEO of CFH, as some of the prominent businesses in the South West …

Competition for Capex

Need to take your business from old to new?

Richard Hillam Energy Services

Richard Hillam, co-founder of Elegen, highlights how competition for CAPEX is stalling investment in energy efficiency. It is the annual predicament of a Finance Director. Every year, each part of the business is competing for money. All have a compelling argument why they require valuable capital to make the business better. Most likely, all of the investment requests will impact …

Energy as a Service


Richard Hillam Uncategorized

Richard Hillam, co-founder of Elegen, explores how a tried and tested service model can be easily applied to the energy efficiency sector. What is the ‘Energy-as-a-service’ model? Simply put, it allows businesses to access expertise, equipment and technological solutions without having to invest their own capital or resources. Tying them together, this service provides a framework where the whole is …

light bulb moment

Are we missing a trick?

Richard Hillam Energy Services

Richard Hillam, co-founder of Elegen, looks at the opportunity missed by many UK companies to reduce their operating costs and increase profitability. I was intrigued to learn that the largest 9000 business in the UK spend on average £1.8M a year on their energy bills. While this might not be their largest operational cost, what if you asked their every …

How businesses profit by adapting simple domestic energy efficiencies to the workplace

Matt Russell Energy Efficiency

A recent report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) has highlighted the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency. It asserts: “The world used 11% less energy last year than it would have if not for efficiency improvements achieved since 2000 – a saving equivalent to the total energy use of the European Union. This is a stunning achievement that …