How it works

Elegen offers you all the benefits of energy efficiency, providing the resources to make it happen – with none of the risks.

How Elegen offers you all the benefits of energy efficiency – with none of the risks.

Our team of energy specialists evaluate your current energy management: equipment, consumption, behaviour, processes and expenditure. We then identify how and where energy can be saved. All at no cost to you.


Where significant savings can be made, we develop a business case and an implementation plan: agreeing our terms and fees, detailing our investment and explaining how we quantify and share the savings. Again, it’ll cost you nothing.


We provide the CAPEX and resources necessary to deliver the energy savings: people, equipment, systems and management, all with minimal disruption to your business.


Ongoing management of the improvement programme and installed equipment. We also measure and verify the savings according to IPMVP conditions.


Continually identifying new investment areas and behavioural changes.


While Elegen manages and monitors performance, you continue to maximise your energy savings.

Spending less, year after year.