About us

Elegen: founded on shared talents and passions.

Unwilling to accept that energy costs need always rise, we believe that every business can actively lower its costs through improved energy management.


This belief led Matt Russell and Richard Hillam to formulate a simple, straightforward business model. Aware that every business uses energy in some way, we knew of none that wouldn’t wish to save money. So we decided to set up a method of helping businesses save money by becoming more energy efficient.

Backed by Low Carbon, an innovator in renewable energy investment, we formed Elegen.
The result is the creation of a refreshingly contemporary company designed to deliver energy efficiency to businesses at no upfront cost. We’ve teamed up with some of the UK’s leading energy specialists and an ethical investor wholly committed to the transition to a low carbon economy.

Combining integrity, competence and investment, we can provide our customers with energy-saving solutions which deliver measurable, sustainable cost savings. We know that energy efficiency is a journey, not a destination. By forming a partnership with you, our customer, we can continue to help you improve your energy management and enjoy bottom-line savings in the long term.

  • Matt Russell

    Following eight years working in IT sales in Sydney, after which he naturally became keen to swap Australian blue skies for European grey ones, Matt applied his MSc to UK onshore windfarm development. Recognising the futility of wasting power through inefficient energy use, Matt set up Elegen Efficiency with his friend and colleague Richard Hillam. Passionate about the environment, Matt thrives on family, watching rugby, gig rowing and staying out late.

  • Richard Hillam

    Richard’s as proud a Yorkshireman as his business partner is a Cornishman. During five years as founder and director of an energy-efficient building solutions company, then eight as development director of a renewables firm Richard became a keen advocate for the decarbonisation of the built environment. A firm believer in entrepreneurial flair as a route to a low-carbon economy, Richard is committed to the future. Both for his family, and for Yorkshire County Cricket Club